Rockside Mining


Rockside Mining Limited (RM) is a company based in Zambia whose operationscore businesses are engaging in mining mineral resources. RML mines copper, gold, iron, cobalt, zinc, manganese, platinum, diamonds, emeralds, tantalite and titanium.
Our talent of experienced geologists in mining and gold exploration, coupled with an experienced management team plays a big part in the resource industry. Our operations stretch from Zambia, Mozambique, Tanzania and DRC Congo.


Our operations comprises an underground mine, concentrator, smelters minesEwith anode casting facilities and an associated acid plant,
an electrolytic refinery tank house, rod casting plant, magnetite separation plant and by-product recovery plants. The vermiculite operation comprises an open pit mining operation and a recovery plant.


The safety and health of employees at Rockside Mining is of the utmost safetyeqimportance and it’s a key principle in an efficient and profitable operation. Therefore, the company firmly believes that all injuries, occupational illnesses and incidents are preventable. All employees and contractors undergo entrance and exit medical examinations when joining and leaving the company. During their course of employment they are subject to routine medical examinations.


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