Rockside Fisheries



Rockside Fisheries (RF) is also part of our group that deals with seafood processing and import-export section established with an aim to catering the demand of finest quality lake, river and sea food. We process and exports various Africa & Asia region with seafood items like Tilapia, Lobsters, Octopus, King Fish, Mackerel, Reef Cod, EEL fish, Crabs, Razor Clams, Top Shells, Sea Shrimps.


We specialize in the distribution and wholesale of fish and seafood products. The company prides itself in acquiring and delivering only the best and freshest fish available. The fish is sourced from the rivers and lakes of Zambia, neighboring countries and as well as from other highly reputable commercial fishing companies. Great emphasis is placed on quality, freshness and selection so we make every effort to source only the best fish and deliver the freshest stock.

☞ All packaging is well labelled and bar-coded
☞ All fish products have expiry/ best before dates
☞ An efficient delivery system ensures freshness


The company aims to be one of the most accessible and affordable suppliers of high quality fish and seafood products for the leading supermarkets and stores countrywide. This company imports seafood from carefully selected commercial fishing companies in Mozambique, Tanzania & South Africa.


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